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Rivers Marathon 2024

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Rivers Marathon 2024

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Rivers Marathon 2024

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The Rivers "Portharcourt" Marathon route map

The marathon is seen as the ultimate long distance run, and originated at the first modern Olympics in Athens, Greece in 1896, becoming standardised at 42.195km in 1921.

The marathon routes in Rivers State traverse along the winding paths skirting the serene rivers that crisscross the region. Among these, the iconic River Niger and River Sombreiro stand out, serving as both the backdrop and lifeline for the local communities.


The Rivers Marathon 2024
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Participants are individuals or groups interested in running either the 42km full marathon or the 5km fun run.

Registration is free.

The Governor of Rivers State

His Excellency Siminalayi Fubara

The governor's visionary outlook extends beyond the immediate sporting events. He recognizes the economic ripple effects that emanate from hosting tournaments, championships, and leagues. These events draw large audiences, spurring economic activity in various sectors such as hospitality, transportation, and retail. Additionally, they create opportunities for local businesses to thrive, showcasing the vibrant economic landscape of Rivers State.

Furthermore, Governor Fubara understands the importance of sports diplomacy in fostering international relations and attracting foreign investment. By leveraging sporting events as platforms for diplomacy and cultural exchange, he aims to position Rivers State as a hub for global collaboration, attracting investors and forging strategic partnerships on an international scale.


Participants: individuals or groups interested in running either the 42km full marathon or the 5km fun run. Registration for all is free. Applicant is required to be physically fit.


Vendors: Businesses or individuals who provide goods or services willing to showcase at the 5-day marathon Expo. This is to encourage local businesses and create a carnival like atmosphere for commerce and entertainment. Examples include food vendors, equipment rental companies, or promotional material suppliers, fashion and accessories, etc. 


Volunteers: individuals who willingly offer their time and expertise to assist with organizing and supporting as ad-hoc staff. These group will he trained by industry professionals, and a token remuneration will be paid for their time and service.

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